Gabby is our rock n’ roll, Disney-loving, bookworm! She comes from a sizable Italian family, which shines through in her big personality. She has seen every episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, read every R.M. Drake novel ever written, and will never get tired of Beauty and the Beast. She is an Aerosmith “super fan” and has been to too many classic rock concerts to count. She loves old school gangster movies, “Goodfellas” being her favorite.

Not only does she make her jewelry, but she also is a Certified Medical Assistant! If Gabby isn’t waiting tables, she’s got her nose in a book, working on a new crafty project, or getting into something spontaneous! There’s nothing she can’t do! Oh, and if you ask her what her favorite food is – she’ll tell you it’s Tonic’s, Filet Mignon! Gabby is truly an old soul – with a lot of it!