Zak is a born and raised Wilmingtonian. He went to A.I DuPont High School, where he was forced into playing football, but willingly played lacrosse. He joined our Tonic Team back in November of 2016 and is still going strong! You can find him behind our bar almost any day of the week. When he’s not at Tonic, you may seem him riding his longboard, mountain biking, swinging a golf club, or spending time with his girlfriend, Veronica (sorry ladies and gentleman, he’s taken!).

You may also notice his well decorated arms as he’s mixing up one of his fancy concoctions. He has too many tattoos to count, and is currently working on finishing his sea-themed sleeve.  And if you have time for a lengthy, but well worth the wait story, ask him about the bow tattoo above his left elbow – you won’t be disappointed! What makes Zak happy, you ask? Tacos, a good Manhattan, and a shot of Grand Marnier. A simple, but classy guy!

Stay tuned for our next featured staff member!